There a few things more evil in this world than an Archlich. These moral monstrosities are a cancer on this realm, hiding within their dungeons and slowly letting their poison seep out into the world around them. The more time that goes by, the more the lands above their lairs become despoiled and the more its people fall into despair and corruption. And this is all without the Archlich lifting a finger. When these undead kings decide to enforce their will, they become the scourge of kingdoms and the terror of entire generations. They are dark lords of dark domains.

But what can be done to stop them? To even get to them, one must find their dungeons and then battle through their legions of monster servants and undead thralls. Once you make it to his macabre throne room, you will find that the Archlich is more powerful than all the other creatures in the dungeon combined. The Archlich has spent a lifetime (and un-lifetime) learning all of the arcane arts and can cast any spell and incantation imaginable. Some magical abilities thought lost to history can only be found inside the Archlich’s skull, which he casts with effortless alacrity. Even killing him will do you no good, as the Archlich will always return. The best a would-be hero can hope for is to cause him enough damage to disappear momentarily so that the hero can escape.

P. Wounds10M. Wounds38

Perk: Phylactery: Your soul is stored outside your body in an impenetrable container (no larger or smaller than what can be comfortably carried in both hands). When you die, you are spontaneously resurrected next to the phylactery at the start of the next session with all Wound Slots refreshed. To “recharge” the phylactery, you must sacrifice as many people on it as the Wounds you had when you last died.

Quirk: Unfettered Dualism: Whenever you are dealt a Physical Wound, you must either spend a Sigil or succeed on a Constitution/Combat Skill Check. If you fail, you become an incorporeal (but visible) spirit that cannot interact with the mortal plane for the next three turns/narrative-actions.

Equipment: An Archlich bears no arms or armour, preferring to bedeck themselves in the finest jewels and livery. In lieu of weapons, the Archlich prefers to use his prodigious Mental Skill to project his arcane might.

Sanctuary: Archliches are found in the deepest, darkest, most ancient dungeons. Within their sanctuaries they can use raise one undead thrall per turn/narrative-action from any corpse in their sanctuary. For each thrall, roll a d100 and the result is the level for all their Skills, and used to determine their Wound Slots on their single Hit Location. The Archlich may also spend a Sigil to conjure a ghost. Ghosts are visible and audible, but cannot interact with the mortal realm. They can fly and pass through matter. Whenever the Archlich suffers a Wound, he can choose to either have a thrall within Close Range suffer it, all destroy a Ghost to nullify it.

Mythic Actions: Paralysing Touch: the Archlich makes a Fight Skill Check against a target in Close Range. If successful, the target cannot spend Sigils on Skill Checks for the remainder of the scene/encounter; Hypnosis: One Target in Near Range must pass will Skill Check or forfeit his next turn/narrative-action; Lifedrain: make one Mental Skill Check attack against all characters in Close Range opposed by their Will or Constitution Skills. The Archlich heals a Wound for each Wound he inflicts in this way.

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