Legend says that God granted this bow to an ambitious king along with a white horse and golden crown, and allowed him to take as much as he wanted from the world. This Scourge of God laid waste to a quarter of the world, conquering all that he saw and killing those that would not bend the knee. He was king of kings and emperor of emperors. He ruled with an iron fist in a velvet glove, and his reign was both a golden age for those that loved him and a dark age for the dissidents.

But he was mortal, and eventually, he passed. Without him, the greatest empire known to man passed as well. Neither his name nor that of his empire remains, and only fragments of his history is found in scraps of paper in far flung libraries. His Bow, however, still remains. As a gift from God, it will always remain, and will always drive those that bear it to conquer, to take, to claim, or go mad trying. There must always be a scourge to punish the inequities of man, and this Bow is that whip.

Name: Conquest’s Bow

Weapon: Medium Damage Medium Ranged Weapon.

Blessing: Whenever you inflict a Wound on a character using Conquest’s Bow, you may elect to change that Wound to a Mental Wound of the same severity and take control of the target for his next turn/narrative-action for a Minor Wound; two turns for a Significant; the encounter/scene for a Grievous; and permanently for a Limb Destroyed.

Curse: For each scene/encounter in which you have not controlled another character for at least two turns/narrative-actions, you gain a permanent Mental Wound at your lowest available Wound Slot. To refresh these Wounds, you must inflict a Mental Wound on another character with Conquest’s Bow, but elect not to control him. Each Mental Wound you inflict will heal a Wound of yours at equal or lower severity.

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