Archangels lead the choirs of heaven in their eternal, exultant jubilation. Yet they also lead heaven’s armies and command the righteous troops when the angelic host march to war. As the leaders of the celestial realm, the Archangels bear the greatest of responsibilities and the heaviest of burdens. For that reason, when an Archangel deigns to descend to the mortal realm, it will only be for the most crucial and pivotal of reasons. Woe betides anyone who then stands in the Archangel’s way.

Archangels, by their very nature, are neither aggressive nor provoking creatures. They don’t come to our realm to fund glory, settle grudges or pick fights. They come only to do their duty, fulfil their mission, and complete their goals. Sometimes these quests are missions of mercy to save to faithful flock, and are times fondly remembered. Other times, Archangels are sent to enact divine justice and retribution. This is when they come bearing arms and armour to do battle. Archangels cannot truly be killed as their souls would merely return to heaven, but many a proud warrior still seeks to become a divine slayer.

P. Wounds6M. Wounds4

Perk: Exuviation: Spend a Sigil. On a successful Mental/Will Skill Check, you and each ally within Near Range gain a number of Heal Points equal to the first digit of the roll’s result. You may spend these points to reduce the severity of any Physical or Mental Wound by one step per point spent. All Heal Points disappear at the end of the scene/encounter.

Quirk: Illusion of Free Will: You must accept all GM Intrusions. You will still, however, gain a Sigil for each GM Intrusion.

Equipment: Archangels are clad in shining golden plate, granting them an Armour Rating of 30. In addition, they bear a shield which grants them a +20 in Skill Checks to block attacks. For a weapon, they carry a Spear which counts as a Heavy Melee Weapon.

Sanctuary: Descending from the heavens, Archangels are mostly found at times of great and momentous changes. In these temporal sanctuaries, Archangels may spend Sigils to reduce the severity of another character’s Wound by one step; and always know when someone is lying.

Mythic Actions: Take Flight: the Archangel disappears from the encounter, reappearing anywhere in Far Range on his next turn; Radiant Majesty: all characters with line of sight to the Archangel must succeed on a Constitution Skill Check or take a penalty to all Checks involving sight equal to how much they failed until the end of the scene/encounter; Holy Justice: the Archangel makes a ranged attack against one target in Medium Range and all characters between them.

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