Earworms are pernicious parasites. Psionic in nature, many a mage has suggested that they originate in the aether, having been brought to the mortal realm through a tear in the veil.

Earworms are short, fat worms that glisten like oil when light shines upon them. When agitated or attacked, they let out a psionic scream that manifests itself in the minds of those around it as a catchy tune that simply cannot be gotten rid of. This tune can distract its victims for days before it leaves the mind, and this is precisely why some nefarious men intentionally seek out and use Earworms. Unfortunately for them, once you’ve used an agitated Earworm, you become the target for other Earworms who want nothing more than to lay their aetheric eggs in your brain. It is the worst migraine of your life, and the maggots falling out of your ears certainly will not improve your disposition.

Name: Earworm

Blessing: All characters in Medium Range who fail a Will Skill Check have a simple, yet catchy tune playing in the head for the remainder of the session. Whenever they do a Skill Check involving concentrating or listening, they must roll twice and choose the worst result.

Curse: When you use an Earworm, you are coated with its psionic pheromones for 5 sessions. In those sessions, whenever you sleep, there is a 20% chance an Earworm will crawl into your ear and lay eggs in your brain, causing a both a Physical and Mental Grievous Wound.

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