Minotaur are cursed creatures, born out of divine spite. Very rarely do the minotaur produce a stable line of descendents, and so most of these abominations found in the world were individually cursed by the gods. Perhaps they had angered the gods in some fashion, or erred in their worship, or their hubris may have been their downfall, and they were transformed into minotaurs. Other times, they are entirely innocent, and their parents were cursed by the gods to give birth to such a creature.

Whatever their pitiful origins may be, they truly are monstrous creatures. While they bear the head of a herbivorous bull, they crave the flesh of humans. It is for this reason, and their gruesome visage, that minotaurs are nearly always locked away in a dungeon or labyrinth, often forgotten their as civilisation collapses above them. For as long as a minotaur feeds on human flesh, it does not age, ensuring that it will continue to curse the world around it, just as it was once cursed with this painful existence.

P. Wounds6M. Wounds4

Perk: Loom: Spend a Sigil to move to any location within Medium Range. You must be able to move, and the space between you and the target location must be unobstructed.

Quirk: See Red: The GM selects a type of object/creature/character. Whenever you see this target, you must succeed in a Will Skill Check, or you must move towards the target and attack (if able).

Equipment: Minotaurs wear only loincloths made from scraps of clothing found in their lairs, giving them an Armour Rating of 0. They prefer to use their bare hands to rip apart their victims, but if they expect fierce resistance, they’ll bring along a large club (Heavy Melee Weapon).

Sanctuary: The Minotaur makes its home in dungeons and labyrinths. In this sanctuary, he may spend a Sigil to change the layout of one passageway or intersection of the dungeon; his successful grapple and choke actions do +20 damage; and he always has the first turn in combat.

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