They say that an army marches on its stomach, and that society is only three meals away from collapse. Perhaps one could put these idioms to the test. With the Scales of Famine, anyone cruel enough can wither away crops, cause meat to rot where it sits, and spread decay amongst a civilisations food sources. These Scales herald only death and misery wherever they go, and anyone who is found to hold one, or even suspected of it, is soon strung up by an angry mob.

None truly know the origin of the Scales. Folklore claims it comes from the personification of Famine itself, and there is good reason for this legend. Everyone who has carried and used the Scales eventually starts to look like Famine. No matter how much they eat or drink, their hunger is not sated nor their thirst slaked. Skin hangs from their bones like clothes three sizes too large, and they become as miserable as those they inflict their famines on.

Name: Famine’s Scales

Blessing: Target a foodsource (excluding living animals) within sight, and cause it to instantly rot and decay.

Curse: Permanently lose Levels in Constitution equal to the size of the foodsource destroyed. Up to rnough to fill up your Close Range: 1 Level. Up to ebough for Near Range: 5. For Medium Range: 10. Enough to encompass your Far Range: 20 Levels.

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