Pests are horrid things that civilisation seemingly cannot get rid off, but luckily they are more afraid of us than we are disgusted by them. Rarely, and particularly when a supernatural element is involved, do these pests come together to form swarms. Individually a pest is an annoyance, but a swarm can become a deadly menace if not eradicated immediately.

Regardless of your preferred choice of vermin, destroying a swarm is far difficult than killing one pitiful animal. Swarms seem to split apart and multiply before your very eyes, and you can never be sure how many you are fighting until you are completely surrounded. Not that simply killing the pests would work. One pest’s death has no effect on the swarm at large, and so problems mount. Either destroy the whole swarm or be consumed by it.

P. Wounds2M. Wounds2

Perk: Frog Legs: All visible opponents within Medium Range must pass a +0 Will Skill Check or focus their attention and attacks on you until the start of your next turn.

Quirk: Ablative Attacks: Whenever you gain a Physical Wound, the damage you deal is reduced until the end of the scene/encounter proportionate to the Wound taken. Minor: -1; Significant: -5; Grievous: 10; Destroyed: 30

Equipment: Swarms of Pests carry no weapons or armour.

Sanctuary: Swarms of Pests make their sanctuaries wherever it is dark, moist and filthy. In here they may spend Sigils to create copies of themselves (that keep any Wounds and effects); they cannot be flanked, and they increase the flanking bonuses they receive by +5 per ally.

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