Said to belong to the God of War himself, this enormous two-handed blade is a reckoning on the battlefield. It requires a skilled swordsman to wield the heavy blade properly, but once he does, he becomes nearly unstoppable. The Sword seems to have a mind of its own, knowing where and when to strike, how to parry, and for how long to extend a duel. Those who have been blessed and cursed to wield it were invincible.

But the Sword’s essence craves death. It cannot be sheathed without taking with it someone’s soul. To accomplish this, the Sword can enflame its bearer’s anger and stoke his bloodlust until he becomes a ravenous beast, seeking only to destroy whatever is next to him. Those who wield the Sword of War become the greatest bladesmen the world ever saw, but only for a short while.

Name: Sword of War

Weapon: Heavy Melee Weapon

Blessing: Whenever you use the Sword in a Fight Skill Check, you may choose to gain a +25 bonus or reroll the result once per Check without needing to spend a Sigil. In addition, you gain a Sigil for each Wound you inflict with the Sword.

Curse: The Sword can only be sheathed once it has killed a sentient creature or character. Until then, you are treated as having the Wrath Quirk, being in combat and treating every character as your opponent.

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