The great serpent of the ocean, the Leviathan is a legend in all cultures. With stories as long as its body, this colossal creature is rightly feared by sailors and fishermen across the realm. Some speculate that it is not a species of creature at all, and that there is only one Leviathan in all the world.

The world serpent is the master of the oceans. Able to contort his body to create waves, he can capsize ships and drown swimmers. If he feels particularly spiteful, he can create enormous whirlpools to drag the helpless back towards him to feed on them more easily. And while he lacks any ranged weaponry, or the limbs to use them, he can shoot a jet of water at his prey to stun and confuse them.

P. Wounds20M. Wounds6

Perk: Aqua Breath: Create a torrent of water hitting all characters in front of you in Near Range and pushing them to Medium Range. Any character who fails an Athletics Skill Check suffers damage equal to the difference between their Skill Level and the roll’s result.

Quirk: Recharge: You cannot use the same ability or power, or perform the same task or action, two turns in a row.

Equipment: The Leviathan’s scales give it an Armour Rating of 10, and its wicked sharp teeth count as Medium Melee Weapons.

Sanctuary: The Leviathan’s sanctuary is the deepest of oceans. In here, it can use its Explore Skill to create enormous waves to topple ships; spend a Sigil to gain an an extra turn in the first round of combat; and pull all characters one Range Band closer on a successful Opposed Explore Skill Check.

Mythic Actions: Tail Whip; make an attack against all enemies behind you within Near Range; Consume: eat one character within Near Range that takes 1 Minor Wound per round until he passes a Might Skill Check to climb out; Fearful Aura; each character within Medium Range must pass a Will Skill Check or forfeit their next turn.

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