Narcissism is a disease of the mind for which there is no cure. Prevention is the best means to combat it, and the gods have found that the best type of prevention is to show others what happens to narcissists. This, of course, means making an example out of them. Perhaps none of the poor victims were ever as anguished as those plagued by the Gray Portrait.

True to its name, the Gray Portrait is a painting of nothing but swirls of gray brushstrokes. The more you stare at, the more of yourself you see in it. The more that you enjoy what you see, the more the painting changes the become an idealised portrait of you. Once fully self-painted, the Portrait will keep you in the spectre of youthful beauty forever, as long as it is protected. Any damage done to it becomes damage done to you.

Name: The Gray Portrait

Blessing: Your age becomes 25. You lose any age related penalties you may have had, and you stop ageing.

Curse: Whenever the Gray Portrait is damaged, you gain a Wound (severity determined by your GM). This Wound cannot be healed until the Portrait is repaired. If the Portrait is destroyed, you die.

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