Giant Worms are the leviathans of the desert dunes. They swim through and under the sand for most of their lives, only coming to the surface when they feel the vibrations of creatures walking above. Giant Worms are ferociously territorial and will do everything they can to remove interlopers from their domain, empty and lifeless though it may be.

Giant Worms are true to their name, measuring nearly 100 metres in length. Little beyond that is known about their biology, as their life underground leaves most things in the realm of mystery; but what is known for sure is that they swallow their prey whole and leave them to suffer within their extensively long digestive tract until they are dissolved in acid. Apart from this, no scholar is sure how many of these behemoths exist, what they do under the the earth, or the reason for the madness-inducing scent they release.

P. Wounds14M. Wounds4

Perk: Tail Screw: Spend a Sigil and roll a d100. If you roll doubles, target character within Medium Range gains all possible Wounds on all Hit Locations except Location Destroyed Wounds.

Quirk: Accelerated Metabolism: You need to eat, drink, and sleep twice as much as normal to maintain your body’s equilibrium. If you do not, your GM may call for a Constitution Skill Check with a penalty based on how hungry, thirsty or tired you are. Failing this Check results in a Physical Wound to your Head Location.

Equipment: The sheer thickness, rather than hardness, of a Giant Worm’s skin gives it an Armour Rating of 15.

Sanctuary: Giant Worms make their home in the vast deserts, where they swim through the dunes like whales through the sea. In this sanctuary, they may spend a Sigil and spend two turns tunnelling into the sand to either escape battle, or wait below the surface until a future turn; while underground, they can detect footsteps of any creature within Far range; and on a successful Mental Skill Check, they can release an intoxicating aroma that temporarily inflicts the Rage Quirk on all creatures and characters within Near Range until the end of the encounter/scene.

Mythic Actions: Body Slam: Roll an Opposed Combat Skill Check targeting all characters within Near Range in front of the Giant Worm. If successful, all targets are pinned and cannot move until the Giant Worm’s next turn. ; Consume: eat one character within Near Range that takes 1 Minor Wound per round until he passes a Might Skill Check to climb out; Thrash: every character within Close Range must succeed on an Athletics Skill Check or suffer damage equal to the difference of a failed roll.

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