Wizards are known for many things. Hard work is not one of these. A wizard, by nature, is a lazy creature. Why else learn to control the natural world through unnatural means? Magic is a way to bypass the virtue of hard labour and physical exercise; to let the mind do what the body cannot or will not do. This slothful hubris has led some wizards to find ways to even reduce the exertion on their minds as well as their bodies, and the best way they have found is a Spell Scroll.

Spell Scrolls, at first glance, contain instructions for casting an incantation, but they are so much more than this. Within each Spell Scroll rests a piece of the aether to be used as fuel for the incantation. By using a Spell Scroll, a wizard doesn’t need to exert his mind or soul to call forth from the aether the powers to change the material plane; and he doesn’t have to worry about thinking of the right incantation at the right time in the heat of the moment. All well so far, right? Yes, but wizards are as forgetful as they are lazy, and there are more Spell Scrolls found throughout the world than in their lairs, as they leave them seemingly everywhere for anyone to find.

Name: Spell Scroll

Blessing: Whenever you find a Spell Scroll, your GM will assign to it an incantation from the Runes of Power Sigil Mod, containing a rune in each slot. The incantation may be as simple or complex as the GM wants, with either a single branch or many branches within it. While holding the Spell Scroll, you may cast the incantation as if you knew all the names of the runes, using your Intuition Skill Check to resolve the incantation’s effects.

Curse: Once the incantation has been used, the Spell Scroll disintegrates and can never be used again. In addition, if you fail your Intuition Skill Check by 30 or more, then the incantation you cast is not what is written on the Spell Scroll, and becomes a random supernatural effect.

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