Hydra are gargantuan, man-eating beasts with razor sharp teeth, two tails, corrosive bloos, and breath that is poisonous to all creatures. It is said they were created by the gods purely to torment mankind out of a sense of divine spite. True or not, these monstrous vermin are a plague on far-flung villages and settlements near swamps, marshes and lakes; ensuring that the wilderness stays wild.

The Hydra’s most famous talent is the ability to regrow its limbs completely if they have been severed or destroyed. Even its head can be regrown, with the new one seemingly having the memories of the decapitated one. Often, this talents works too well, growing back two heads where there was just one, leading to tales of hydras with dozens of heads. In rarer cases, a whole body may grow back from a severed head, unleashing more Hydras into the wild.

P. Wounds11M. Wounds6

Perk: Regrowth: When you suffer a Location Destroyed Wound on any Hit Location, you may spend a Sigil to immediately refresh it, and more Sigils to refresh all other Wound Slots on that Hit Location at a cost of one Sigil per Wound Slot.

Quirk: Acid Blood: Your blood is highly acidic and corrosive, damaging anything it touches and causing your Blood Level to decrease twice as fast when you are bleeding.

Equipment: The Hydra’s thick hide grants it an Armour rating of 15. It carries no weapons, but its two tails each count as Heavy Melee Weapons, and its teeth as Light Melee Weapons.

Sanctuary: Hydras are most often found in lakes and swamps. In their watery sanctuaries, they can spend a Sigil spew poison at all characters within Near Range in front of them, causing a Minor Wound per turn in the Torso Hit Location each turn until the victim succeeds a Constitution Skill Check; Hydras can also spend a Sigil to attack twice with its tail in a single turn; and it may continue to target other characters whilst grappling a character.

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