There are eldritch things that man was never meant to find. Triton’s Horn is one of these and has been found not once, but twice, to let loose into the world. Discovered by a mage at the bottom of the ocean, this metre-long horn of some unknown ancient creature was soon discovered to be able to both give and take life from those around it. How it came to lie on the ocean floor, none can say. Perhaps it was some aetheric creature that crossed the veil into our realm, or perhaps it was a prehistoric creature with a natural affinity for magic.

Whatever the history of the horn, the mage knew that it needed to be kept hidden from the world, and so he kept it locked up in his castle so that it could not be abused. That is, until an enterprising and ambitious student of his found it and took it out into the world. This student had a good soul and never used Triton’s Horn for evil, but that was long ago now, and the Horn has since passed hands several times. Who knows who may have it now, and whose life they will drain to keep it satiated?

Name: Triton’s Horn

Type: Tool

Blessing: Triton’s Horn starts with a Heal Level of 50; it can’t go above 100 or below 0. The Horn can be blown at any character within Close Range. The Hornblower can then choose to reduce the severity of any Physical or Mental Wound on the target by reducing the Horn’s Heal level by 1d10 for each step of severity the Wound is reduced by.

Curse: The only way to increase the Heal Level of the Horn is to drain life from others. By inhaling through the Horn, the Hornblower can cause Physical or Mental Wounds to any character within Close Range. The victim can roll an Opposed Will Skill Check versus a static d100 roll. If the target fails, he gains a Wound of the appropriate level (the Hornblower chooses either Physical or Mental), and the Horn gains 1d10 Heal Levels per step of the Wound severity.

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