Thieves, thugs, highwaymen, hoodlums, ne’er-do-wells and scallywags. Rogues are a blight on civilisation because they stem from civilisation itself. Rogues show us that no matter the heights that we reach as a species, there is always a cancer growing in the darkness. Rogues are perhaps our greatest failure as a society, and a scourge we are not likely to rid ourselves off any time soon.

Rogues are masters of deceit and trickery. They hide away until the opportune moment, and then ambush unsuspecting prey in overwhelming numbers to end a fight before it can begin. An individual rogue is as annoyance, but a troop of them can be lethal to the hardiest company of veterans. Remember that a Rogue will never fight fair, as he knows that he will lose if he does.

P. Wounds3M. Wounds3

Perk: Sharpened Knife: When an enemy is stunned, immobilised, or unaware of you, you may spend a Sigil automatically gain a Critical Success on a Combat Skill Check against the target when in Close Range. You may spend a Sigil to choose the Hit Location.

Quirk: Outlaw: The law of the land has proclaimed you an outlaw and warrants your arrest. Wherever you go, if you reveal your identity/face, the local law enforcement will be called.

Equipment: Rogues wear little armour, to maximise their flexibility and ability to hide, thus they only have an Armour rating of 5. For weapons, they carry easily concealable daggers and knives, all counting as Light Melee Weapons.

Sanctuary: Rogues are most often found in back alleys and the rougher parts of a town. In this nefarious sanctuary, they can reroll a failed Skill Check to remain hidden (once per Check); they can spend a Sigil to gain two turns in a row once per encounter/scene; and they may spend Sigils to automatically evade or dodge attacks.

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