The Children of Merovech called it the Tarrasque; the rest of the world called it the eater of cities and the ender of worlds. This gigantic scourge of God has been called half dragon, half animal, and half fish. It has the head of a lion with teeth as long and sharp as swords, the mane of a horse, a back covered in a tortoise-like shell with sharp bristly scales keen as daggers, six feet with bear-like claws, and the tail of a serpent with a scorpion’s sting. Worst still is that it can breathe poisonous fumes and sulfurous flames, and can emit a piercing hiss that deafens all who hear it.

Luckily for most of us, the World Enders slumber for most of their lives, sleeping below the surface of the marshes, estuaries and coastlines. They can sleep for so long that the river and ocean floor flows over them, hiding them entirely. Only when they are disturbed, or their hunger overcomes them do they emerge from the water to feed on all that is in their path. Not merely animals, but humans, plants, and buildings as well. A World Ender can consume a whole town before returning back to its watery lair.

P. Wounds30M. Wounds7

Perk: Desolate: When you successfully Wound an enemy, you may spend as many Sigils as you want to cause more Physical Wounds of the same severity on a Random Hit Location.

Quirk: Lethargic: You cannot move faster than a walk unless you spend a Sigil for each turn/narrative action that you choose to move speedily.

Equipment: The World Ender’s jaws and claws both count as Heavy Melee Weapons, and its majestic shell gives it an Armour rating of 50.

Mythic Actions: Poison Breath: Every character within Near Range in front of the World Ender must succeed on a -30 Constitution Skill Check or be treated as being suffocating for the rest of the encounter or until they received medical treatment; Flame Shot: One character within Medium Range in front of the World Ender is set on fire, gaining a Minor Wound on a random Hit Location on each of his turns until doused; Deafening Hiss: Each character within Medium range must pass a -20 Will Skill Check or forfeit his next turn.

Sanctuary: World Enders make their homes in rivers, estuaries and shallow coasts. Within their sanctuary, they may spend a Sigil to submerge beneath the riverbed/ocean-floor and emerge at a later round of its choice; it may use an action to consume any character/creature that it has grappled; and it may spend a Sigil whenever it is hit in melee to instantly do as much damage to its attacker as what it received.

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