Named after both where it was found and what it is made of, the Cauldron of Chalcedon is a dark spectre in this world. Made of red and black onyx chalcedony, the meter-high cauldron looks as if there is an ever-swirling vortex of blood on its surface. This macabre pattern is as beautifully ominous as it is a reflection of the Cauldron’s purpose.

The Cauldron mad creator built it for the sole purpose of creating an unthinking, unfeeling demonic army. Feed it a living creature, and it will, in turn, provide an undead demon to serve you devoutly until it is destroyed. It is a blight on this realm, taking what is good and producing only evil.

Name: The Caudron of Chalcedon

Type: Tool

Blessing: Putting a living creature or character into the boiling Cauldron transforms it into an undead demonic version called an Onyx Thrall; gaining 30 Levels in their Physical Skills (Combat, Exploration) but losing 30 in their Mental Skills (Social, Mental). Onyx Thralls’ Skills can go above 100 and below 0. Onyx Thralls are zealously loyal to the Cauldron and its owner. If there were no previous Skill Levels for the Thrall, you can use the following profile:


Onyx Thrall Perk: Soulcycling: When an Onyx Thrall dies, the Cauldron’s Master may spend a Sigil to recall its soul back to the Cauldron. The next Onyx Thrall created in the Cauldron gets +10 to all its Skill Levels.

Curse: Other than requiring a sacrifice to be transformed into an Onyx Thrall, the process requires an additional sacrifice of Body and Soul. Whoever puts the sacrificial character or creature into the Cauldron must gain a Physical and Mental Wound. The severity of Wound will determine how many Physical and Mental Wound Slots the Onyx Thrall has respectively. Sacrificing a Minor Wound gives the Thrall 1 Wound Slot; a Significant gives the Thrall 3 Slots; a Grievous Wound gives the Thrall 6 Slots; and gaining a Destroyed Wound gives the Thrall 12 Slots.

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