Born to be kings and princes of the universe, Demigods are well and truly better than other men. They carry within them the spark of divinity, and are technically only half-mortal as one of their parents is a god, spirit or other aetheric entity. Whatever their divine heritage, they were born faster, stronger, more charismatic and more intelligent than mere mortals and live a life of prophecy and providence.

It is not just feasts, glory and concubines for Demigods, however. Fate has other plans. Their divine spark draws calamity to them like moths to a flame. Wherever they go, they find insurmountable challenges to overcome, unstoppable beasts to put down, and impossible tasks to complete. The life of a Demigod is rarely idle. Between their fortuitous birth and great accomplishments, some Demigods dedicate themselves to helping the world as everyone is less fortunate than they; but more than a few Demigods become tyrants and conquerors, claiming everything they can as their’s by divine right.

P. Wounds18M. Wounds17

Perk: Magic Hammer: When you hit a character or creature in combat, you may spend a Sigil to prevent the target from using any supernatural abilities until your next turn, or to bypass any supernatural defences the target may have.

Quirk: Fate’s Challenge: You gain a Hero Level that starts at 10. Roll a d100 at the start of each session. If the result is higher than your Hero Level, add d10 to it. If the result is lower than, or equal to, your Hero Level, then the GM will give you a heroic challenge to complete this session. Completing the challenge resets your Hero Level to 10.

Equipment: Demigods are clad in the finest armour crafted by man, gifted to them by the greayest of kings, granting them an Armour Rating of 35. They may wield either a Heavy Melee Weapon, or a Medium Melee Weapon along with a Medium Range Medium Damage Ranged Weapon.

Mythic Actions: Divine Retribution: one character within Medium Range, one within Near Range, and one within Close Range is hit with 50 points of damage (reduced by Opposed Skill Check and Armour); Second Wind: Reduce the severity of a Wound by one step; Godly Might: throw one character in Close Range to Medium Range, target must pass an Athletics Skill Check or take damage.

Sanctuary: Demigods are found wherever fateful and dire events occur. In this stochastic sanctuary he can reroll any failed Check once to defend against supernatural abiltities; he can spend a Sigil and succeed on a Social Skill Check to force a character in Near Range to skip his turn; and whenever anyone rolls a Critical Success or Failure, a giant monster appears on the battlefield, hostile to all characters.

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