Just as there are monsters in the dark that beset mankind on all sides, there are heroes that stride defiantly into the dark to save humanity. For these brave heroes, there is no better weapon than the Dawnstar. Gifted to the brave and virtuous by the divine Princess of the Dawn, the Dawnstar is the bane of the undead. The enchanted blade destroys ghouls, zombies and vampires like they are lambs at the slaughter. The Dawnstar is mankind’s light in the darkness, but with the dawn comes a terrible revelation.

When you stare too long into the abyss, the abyss stares into you; and he that fights monsters eventually becomes a monster. The Dawnstar turns whoever uses it slowly into an undead creature himself, as the blade leeches the life from its wielder to power its supernatural effects. The power of the blade is the wielder’s soul itself, and once that soul has been drained, only undeath remains. Is it better to die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become a monster?

Name: Dawn Star

Type: Weapon

Blessing: The Dawnstar is a Medium Melee Weapon. If you successfully Wound an undead creature such as a vampire with the Dawnstar, that undead catches on fire, gaining a Wound each turn on a random Hit Location at the lowest severity in that Location. If you critically succeed when attacking an undead creature, then every undead creature in close range catches on fire.

Curse: When you first pick up the Dawnstar, you gain an Undeath Level of 80. Whenever you use the Dawnstar, roll a d100. If the result is higher than your Undeath Level, reduce that level by 1d10. You can never increase or remove the Undeath Level. Whenever the Level hits a multiple of 10, you gain a permanent Wound a random Hit Location at the lowest severity in that Location that cannot be healed. When the Undeath Level reaches 0 or less, all your Wound Slots refresh, and you become undead.

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