As a poet once said of them: “the Erinyes, that under earth take vengeance on men, whosoever hath sworn a false oath”. The Erinyes, singular Erinys, were created for one specific task: to hear the prayers brought by mortals against the insolence of the young to the aged, of children to parents, of hosts to guests, and of householders or city councils to suppliants; and to punish such crimes by hounding the culprits relentlessly. An Erinys is a spirit of vengeance, not justice, who takes great pleasure in her work.

The Erinyes can take any form they need to accomplish their tasks. To some they are old crones and to others fair young maidens. They described as having snakes for hair, dog’s heads, coal-black bodies, bat’s wings, and blood-shot eyes, and many more. An Erinys will take whatever form is required, and do whatever is necessary to extract vengeance until the sinner begs for mercy at her feet.

P. Wounds9M. Wounds7

Perk: Song of Torment: On a successful Intimidate/Social Skill Check, one target cannot speak until the end of the encounter/scene. You may spend a Sigil to also blind the target, and spend another to deafen the target.

Quirk: Mercy to the Fallen: You can’t attack a character that has explicitly surrendered to you, until they attempt to do you harm again.

Equipment: An Erinys is clad in bronze vambraces, greaves and a cuirass; giving her an Armour rating of 15. She carries with her a brass-studded, multi-thonged scourge that counts as a Light Melee Weapon. If it Wounds a character, it does double damage to the victim’s Blood Level.

Sanctuary: The Erinyes are found wherever men congregate, but stay hidden in the dark at night, out of sight and out of mind till duty calls them. In their sanctuary they can transform their whole bodily appearance on a successful Mental Skill Check, they can spend a Sigil to increase the damage to their victim’s Blood Level by 10, and they may spend a Sigil to target an additional victim for their Song of Torment.

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