Deep beneath the earth, in the harshest of climates, there grow subterranean fungi that would, all things being equal, never have become anything more than a footnote in botanical history. However, fate had other ideas. The otherworldly creatures of this inhospitable underworld took a liking to this fungi. They ate all that they could find, but could not digest the fungal spores. Between the spores’ essential qualities and the creatures’ digestive tracts, the spores came out the other end utterly changed in the best of ways, and by being pressed and compressed by the earth through the thousands of years it takes to get to the surface, the spores formed glowing veins in the earth that can be mined and used.

But what use has dust made from petrified, digested fungal spores? It turns men into gods. With increased mental acumen and enhanced physical ability, the dust has been called the very spark of divinity. It can improve everything there is about being a man, but it comes at a severe cost. Addiction is the least of a user’s concerns. Poor Luck is far more concerning. Users of Glow Spores never live long enough to truly enjoy the fruits of their newfound power. Some accident or another eventually befalls them and ends their glorious journey. Many say this is more proof of the Glow Spores’ divinity, that it was not meant for mankind to have.

Name: Glow Spores

Type: Consumable

Blessing: When a dose of Glow Spores is used, increase all of your Skill Levels by 1, and choose 1 Skill to gain an additional 1d10 Skill Levels.

Curse: The dose of Glow Spores is consumed when used. Lower Sigil Threshold by 1 each time you use a dose of Glow Spores. If your Sigil Threshold is 0, then instead gain a permanent Mental Wound at your lowest available Wound Slot each time you use a dose.

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