They are called Legionnaires, for they are many. These footsoldiers of hell are as wicked as they are innumerable. They are frontline of hell’s assault on the mortal realm, and their only concern is to cause as much carnage as possible before they are sent screaming back to hell.

Legionnaires are atrocious to behold, but easy to identify. They have dark, furry, tailed bodies with scaly arms and legs and talons for fingers and toes. Their horned heads may be any beast’s head, from an eagle to a wolf to a lion and many more. Curiously, they have a second face on their groin in lieu of genitals, and this one constantly gibbers out heresy and blasphemy.

P. Wounds3M. Wounds2

Perk: Self-Destruct: Take a Grievous Physical Wound to a random Hit Location to do 100 points of damage (reduced by Skill Checks and Armour) to all other characters in Close Range. Further Grievous Wounds may be taken to increase the Range Band of the blast by one step and/or to increase the damage by 50 points.

Quirk: The Power of Faith: Any honestly devout and faithful character may take an action to do an Opposed Will Skill Check with you. If that character’s Will Skill Check’s result is greater than yours, you take the difference between your results as a Physical Wound. Hit Location is randomly determined.

Equipment: The Legionnaire is expendable and replaceable and thus bears no weapons or armour. However, his sharp claws, fangs and beak count as Light Melee Weapons.

Sanctuary: In the mortal plane, Legionnaires are most often found in and around portals and rifts through the aether to their demonic home. In this sanctuary, Legionnaires can take Physical Wounds to cause Wounds of equal severity in other characters; they can spend Sigils to increase the severity of any Wound they cause; and whenever a Legionnaire dies, the GM may spend a Sigil to bring another Legionnaire through the portal/rift.

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