They say that long ago, in a distant land, there lived gods among men; rulers of civilisations who could command the natural world as easily as they did men. These kings were blessed by the gods with Crowns that gave them ultimate control over a specific element. And over time e they, and their kingdoms, began to resemble the elements they controlled. The Water King ruled over an island thalassocracy, the Earth King controlled the mountains and its valuable mines, the Lightning King ruled the plains and its thunderstorms raged as hard as his legions of chariots, and so and so forth.

But the gods were petty, and would not let a man become their equal, so they cursed these kings in equal measure. The more they used their magic, the more mad they would become. No king would be left with a reasoned mind to establish an empire to rival that of heaven; and no king lived long enough to see the fruits of his labours.

Name: Crown of the Elemental King

Type: Jewellery

Blessing: When you first gain the Crown, the GM chooses a natural element. You can shape and form the element magically through Broad-Craft and Fine-Craft Skill Checks, and attack targets with the element with Fight and Shoot Skill Checks, and masted the element through any other appropriate Skill Checks the GM allows.

Curse: Each session in which you wear the Crown, you gain a Significant Mental Wound. Additionally, if you used the Crown’s elemental powers in a session, you gain an additional Significant Mental Wound. Whenever you inflict a Wound on a character with your supernatural talents, you gain a Mental Wound of equal severity.

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