The greatest of all giants and rivals to the gods, the Titans are the undisputed lords of creation. They are able to wrestle elder dragons, tame leviathans, and hunt behemoths for sport. Truly there is nothing a Titan cannot do. Or, rather l, nothing a Titan could do.

Those halcyon days of Titan supremacy have long passed, replaced by the age of man. While humans are nothing more than gnomes and dwarves to a Titan, they have one thing the giants lack: flexibility of thought. A Titan’s mind is as rigid as his body is large, and he cannot adapt well to a changing landscape. As human civilisation flourished, the Titan’s tried in vain to control it, but humanity is the waves and the Titans the cliff. Weathered and beaten, the Titans retreated from the world and into the heavens, where they now live on mountain tops with the other mythical beasts.

P. Wounds10M. Wounds14

Perk: Mountain Buster: Spend a Sigil and roll a Combat Skill Check. Choose any number of characters in Near Range in front of you to take a successful result as damage (reduced by Armour), with the first chosen taking the full amount, and each subsequent character taking 20 damage less than the previous one.

Quirk: Unitasker: Whenever a Skill Check involves doing more than one thing at a time (such as moving and shooting, looking for guards while lockpicking, etc) you suffer a -50 modifier to that Skill Check.

Mythic Actions: Terrifying Howl: All other characters within Near Range are forced to flee one range band away from the Titan, and on a failed Will Skill Check, they also skip their next turn; Promethean: Create a miniature Titan with half the Titan’s Skill Levels, but no Sanctuary or Mythic abilities; Divine Retribution: whatever damage the Titan’s just suffered, he deals an equal amount back against his attacker.

Equipment: The Titan’s gargantuan size gives it thick skin with an Armour Rating of 10. Additionally, any weapon (improvised or not) counts as a Heavy Melee Weapon.

Sanctuary: The Titans have retreated to the tallest mountain ranges, far from the swarm of humanity. Here in their sanctuary, a Titan can shroud everything within Far Range in thick fog to reduce visibility; he can make all characters fall prone (including flying) by spending a Sigil; and he can magically shape the terrain with on a successful Mental Skill Check.

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