There are few things which can kill a god, but this spear is one of them. By all accounts, it was an ordinary spear, fashioned of wood and iron, wielded by a very ordinary soldier. Yet, on one auspicious day, it managed to do the impossible: slay a god. From that day, it has become infused with the power of a god, allowing it to pierce any object and wound any man, beast or god.

As it passed from hand to hand, it has become embellished and ornamented to fit its status as a Godslayer. Bedecked with gold and silver around the blade, the finest leathers and silks on the rod, the spear no longer resembles the common soldier’s implement it once did. Now, it looks fit for an emperor’s parade.

Name: Godslayer

Type: Weapon

Blessing: The Godslayer is a Medium Melee Weapon. On a successful Fight Skill Check against a target, instead of resolving damage normally, you can simply select the severity of the Wound you wish to inflict on the target (up to and including Location Destroyed). Hit Location is determined normally.

Curse: Whatever severity of Wound you choose to inflict on the target, you gain that severity of Wound as either a Mental or Physical Wound. If you choose to take a Physical Wound, roll a d100 to determine the Hit Location.

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