Neither plant nor animal, these so-called land-octopods are fearsome, ravenous beasts that devour all in their path. Being little more than a mouth with tentacles, one would think these monsters are intelligent consumers, but that could not be further from the truth. There is a bestial but cunning intelligence within them, able to outthink and outsmart human prey and even able to cast plant-based magic (using its Mental Skill) to control the plants within the swamps where it lives.

More than its magic and its hunger, the Molbara is best known for its breath, a combination of both. It can spew forth magical fumes and gasses that can paralyse creatures, put them to sleep, blind and deafen, or even poison them. A Molbara’s breath is how it hunts, and few who encounter it live to tell the tale.

P. Wounds5M. Wounds18

Perk: Bad Breath: Spend a Sigil to blow your noxious breath on all characters in front of you within Near Range. Until the end of the encounter, all affected characters suffer a negative modifier to equal to your Constitution/Combat Skill Level to all Skill Checks related to movement or perception.

Quirk: Senseless: The GM chooses one of your senses. You must spend a Sigil to be able to do a Skill Check related to that sense. Further Sigils may be spent as normal to boost the Check.

Mythic Actions: Sweet Breath: Emit a sweet smelling odour to put all characters in Close Range to sleep (resisted by a Constitution Skill Check; Vampiric Root; make an attack against an enemy in Close Range and heal a Wound of equal or lesser severity as the one inflicted; Drain Whip; one target within Close Range cannot move and is stunned until the end of the Molbara’s next turn.

Equipment: The Molbara has neither a want nor need of any weapons or armour.

Sanctuary: Swamps are a Molbara’s home. Within its sanctuary, it can extend its tentacles through the water to attack at Near Range; it may spend a Sigil to automatically grapple any opponent it successfully strikes, or it may spend a Sigil to poison an enemy it successfully

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