Well, more of a rug, really. This Magic Carpet, as its name implies, is an enchanted handmade rug in the oriental fashion. These beautifully made Carpets usually sit at around 1.5 metres wide by 2 metres long, and while can tie any room together to make a home look stunning, their main purpose is as an automated ferry.

A Magic Carpet, when ordered by someone on it, can fly anywhere he chooses. Faster than any horse or camel, and higher than any tower, everywhere in the world becomes easily accessible. There is only one flaw, however: there is no return trip. As soon as the Carpet has deposited its riders at their destination, it instantly flies back to whence it came, ready to be of service again. As they say, the owner of a Magic Carpet is not the user of a Magic Carpet.

Name: Magic Carpet

Type: Vehicle

Blessing: At your command, the Carpet can fly at the speed and height of an eagle to any location in the mortal realm, being able to bear the weight of ten grown men.

Curse: Once it has arrived at its destination and the last man steps off the carpet, it will return to the exact location from which it originally flew.

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