When the ancient precursors departed this world, they left behind them a multitude of hidden workshops, laboratories and foundries scattered across the known world. Within this underground lairs, their artificial children carried on with their assigned tasks, unaware of the world outside or that their parents had abandoned them.

Now, countless centuries later, these Caretaker Automatons still attempt to carry out their masters’ orders and keep their homes in as good a condition as their weathered and aged limbs can manage. It is because of these tireless stewards that the precursors’ lairs are still in working condition, even if barely. The Caretakers can do much, but no man or machine can win the war against time, and slowly but surely but the workshops and its workers start to run down, rust, degrade and come to a shuddering halt.

P. Wounds2M. Wounds2

Perk: Condensed Libra: Spend a Sigil, and choose one of Physical, Mental or Social Wounds. Increase the severity of all Wounds of the chosen type made against one target (by any character) by one step until the end of the encounter/scene.

Quirk: Completion Obsession: You must spend a Sigil in order to switch to doing a different task (until the first is completed), or switch targets in combat (until the first is defeated).

Equipment: Caretakers were not built to withstand any great amount of physical stress, and therefore have an Armour Rating of 0. In addition, they do not have in-built weaponry, and must make do with the tools and implements around them; all of which count as Light Melee Weapons.

Sanctuary: Caretaker Automatons make their homes in the forgotten, underground ruins of the ancients. Within their sanctuaries, Caretakers can spend a Sigil to activate one of the workshop’s stationary defensive turrets (1 Wound, all Skills at 60); Caretakers can heal other automatons’ Wounds on a successful Mental Skill Check; and whenever they are at Medium Range or further from a PC, they can spend a Sigil to remove themselves from the encounter by entering a secret passageway.

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