The Hand of Glory is as powerful an artefact as it is macabre. Anyone with enough skill and knowledge can create a Hand of Glory, and yet it is still a rare sight in the lands, but the few which do exist are the best friends of thieves and felons, as it allows you to walk anywhere and everywhere without fear of being stopped.

To create a Hand of Glory, cut off a hand of a criminal that died on the gibbet (the hand that did the crime), wrap it in the funeral pall, and pickle it in salt and the urine of a man, a woman, a dog and a mare. Smoke it with strong herbs for a full month and then lay it out dry in the dog-days of summer. Next, make a candle from the criminal’s fat, and a candlewick from his hair. Let the Hand grip the candle as with a candlestick, and the Hand of Glory is complete.

Name: Hand of Glory

Type: Tool

Blessing: When the candle in the Hand of Glory is lit, everyone within Near Range whose light it touches (other than the person holding it) is rendered motionless.

Curse: While holding a lit Hand of Glory, you become blind to everything except the flame of the candle.

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