Commoners, you see them everywhere. That’s why they are called commoners, after all. There is not much to say about the humble Commoner, other than he is humble and fairly common. They do blend into the background, don’t they? They form the vast majority of people, do most of the work, and yet if they were of any importance, they would by definition no longer be a Commoner. How curious.

P. Wounds3M. Wounds3

Perk: Mule: Double the weight and amount of gear, equipment and other items that you can carry on your person, and that you can push and pull.

Quirk: Victim of Fate: Spending a Sigil to give bonuses to, or to reroll, a Skill Check costs 2 Sigils instead of 1.

Equipment: Commoners may be found with all sorts of hand held tools and improvised weapons on hand, giving them the range from Light to Medium Melee Weapons, and Light Near Ranged Weapons. With only the clothes on their backs, they have an Armour Rating of 0.

Sanctuary: Hamlets, villages, towns, cities; wherever there are people, there will be Commoners. In their sanctuary, Commoners may spend a Sigil to call for reinforcements, having 1d10 Commoners arrive in the next round of combat; they gain a additional +5 to Flanking modifiers in Melee combat; and they gain a +5 Modifier for each other Commoner they can see when rolling to resist fear or intimidation.

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