Every culture has its amulets, totems and symbols that ward off evil and provide good luck. None are so ubiquitous, however, as the humble rabbit’s foot. As ever-present as the rabbit’s foot is, not all feet are made equal. Most only provide luck in the form of confidence on their owner’s part. To make a rabbit’s foot lucky requires a fair amount of work and, ironically enough, bad luck.

The circumstances around the “acquisition” of the rabbit’s foot are what makes it lucky. The more nefarious these circumstances, the luckier the totem will be as it will absorb all the bad luck, leaving nothing but good luck for its wearer. The left paw being the symbol of evil needs to be the one taken, and it should be removed while the rabbit is conscious. Amputating the foot on the night of a full moon is better, and doing so over the body of a recently killed murderer is even better. Having the foot removed by a cross-eyed, left-handed, peg-legged vagrant would add even more luck to the rabbit’s foot; as would doing all this on a day of bad luck such as Friday the 13th.

Name: Lucky Rabbit’s Foot

Type: Amulet

Blessing: While you have the Lucky Rabbit’s Foot on you, you may choose to instantly gain 10 Sigils once per session, regardless of your Sigil Threshold.

Curse: Whenever you use the Rabbit’s Foot’s Blessing to gain Sigils, you must burn 1 Sigil. If you don’t have any Sigils to burn, then you can no longer use the Foot’s Blessing.

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