Werecreatures are men cursed with a terrible fate: to turn into a man-beast when they lose control of their emotions, or during some mystical and preordained times. For those lucky few, they learn to spot the cues for when they are about to transform and move far away from their loved ones. For the unlucky, they leave a bloody trail in their wake as they flee towards the dark places in the world.

Werecreatures can take any form. Some become wolfmen, others manbears, and still others become degenerate ratlings or freakish manbats. Some believe that the beast the man becomes is based on what darkness lies within his heart, while other scholars suggest it is instead from the spite and malice of the warlock who cursed the werecreature.

P. Wounds6M. Wounds5

Perk: Predator Sense: The GM selects a type of prey for you. You always know in which direction the closest character/creature of that prey-type is and in which Range band it is (Close, Near, Medium, Far or Distant).

Quirk: Bestial Urge: When your prey is within Medium Range, you must pass a Will/Mental Skill Check to move to a further Range Band from it. When your prey is within Near Range, you must spend a Sigil to move to a further Range Band. When it is within Close Range, you must spend a Sigil each turn you are not attacking it.

Equipment: The Werecreature drops all weapons and items he is holding when he transforms, and bursts out of his armour, meaning that he has an Armour rating of 0. In lieu of weapons, his claws and bite count as Light Melee Weapons.

Sanctuary: The Werecreature, in any of its forms, lurks in deep, dark forests on the fringes of civilisation, yet close enough to small villages and towns to hunt. Within its sanctuary, any successful attack by the Werecreature automatically grapples its target; it gains a Sigil whenever it successfully Wounds a character with a bite attack; and if it is killed, instead of dying, it reverts to its human forms with all its Wounds healed.

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