The world of the supernatural is a frightening place, filled with monsters, magi and marvels that make the mind mad. Ever since discovering this area of power and horror, man has searched for a way to protect himself against it. However, the cure is often more toxic than the poison.

The Pariah Peridot is a gemstone the size of a thumbnail that can fit into any piece of jewellery. Whoever wears the Peridot becomes immune to magical mayhem. What can be better? Unfortunately, the negation effects of the Peridot work not only on external magic, but also on that greatest of internal supernatural phenomena: the human soul. The longer you wear the Peridot, the less of a soul you will have.

Name: Pariah Peridot

Type: Jewellery

Blessing: While wearing the Peridot, you gain +20 to any roll made to resist or repel a supernatural effect. You may spend a Sigil to automatically negate any magical or supernatural effect that includes you as a target.

Curse: You gain -20 to any Skill Check involving you casting or using a supernatural effect. At the end of each session that you wore the Peridot, you lose 1 Level in Diplomacy, Insight and Special. You lose an additional Level each time you Spend a Sigil to activate the Peridot’s ability.

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