Young Dragons are at the peak of their lives; young enough to have the energy and enthusiasm to take on any challenge and tackle any foe, and quick enough to flee should their prey be bigger than expected. Unfortunately for these young dragons, this is the time in their lives when they are most often hunted. They are already larger than a horse, yet not too large to carry back home. They are strong enough to make a boy a man, yet not too powerful to incinerate a company. When a dragon has just reached maturity is when it is most threatened by dragon hunters… not that most dragon hunters ever make it back home, however.

P. Wounds9M. Wounds7

Perk: Flamethrower: Spend a Sigil to engulf all characters in front of you in Near Range in a flaming liquid. They suffer damage equal to your Constitution/Combat Skill Level (reduced by Defence Rolls and Armour).

Quirk: Foolhardy: You must spend a Sigil to refuse a GM Intrusion or a challenge offered by another character.

Equipment: The thick scales of a Young Dragon grant it an Armour Rating of 15, and its claws and bite are treated as Light Melee Weapons.

Sanctuary: The Young Dragon makes its home in the tall peaks and deep valleys of mountain ranges. Within its sanctuary it may spend a Sigil and succeed on an Explore Skill Check to escape from any battle by flying away; it may spend a Sigil to have the first turn in battle, regardless of Initiative; and may make a Social Skill Check during its turn to force an opponent to skip their turn.

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