They say that time waits for no man, but those who say this do not have Time’s Hourglass. No magus or sage has ever discovered the Hourglass’s origins, but even a layman can see that there is something mythical and arcane about the Hourglass. As simple as its wooden frame is, the glittering black sand within is mesmerising as it never stops flowing, no matter how much time has passed. For each second that passes, one grain of sand falls from the upper chamber to the lower.

It is much more than a pretty trinket, however, as everyone who touches it soon discovers. Whenever the hourglass is turned over, events flow backwards and whatever situation was just occurring restarts as if it never happened. Only the person holding the Hourglass remembers what happened. This is an unbelievably powerful artefact, and yet, no one holding it ever took over the world or accomplished anything to put them into the history books. They all mysteriously die in often horrendous circumstances.

Name: Time’s Hourglass

Type: Trinket

Blessing: Turn over the Hourglass and spend a Sigil to restart the current event/scene/encounter from its beginning. The Hourglass’s bearer and any number of characters he chooses within Close Range retain their memory of what happened before the event/scene/encounter restarted.

Curse: When the Hourglass is first used, the GM selects or creates a Nemesis character. Whenever an event/scene/encounter is restarted, the Nemesis retains all his memories from before, regardless if he is in the scene/encounter/event or if the Hourglass’s bearer chose him or not. The Nemesis always knows what the bearer looks like, but not their location or details.

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