Forged in a forgotten age by master smiths who could pull strands of the aether directly into the molten metal they were shaping. The Warding Blade was intended for their rangers and wardens who would delve into the wilderness far from the glorious civilisation that spawned these blades. These wardens would always be vigilant, guarding their cities against the enemies in the dark.

That is where the Warding Blades come in. Each one is crafted to help its wielder search for a specific type of foe. Whenever that brute or beast would come near, the Blade would glow. The nearer the enemy comes, the bright the Blade glows. No enemy of the Light could sneak past a Warden, but few even dared. The arcane strands within the Warding Blade connected with their enemies, creating an irrational hatred of whomever holds the Blade. Wardens protected their golden civilisation, but few lived long enough to enjoy it.

Name: Warding Blade

Type: Weapon

Blessing: The Warding Blade is a Light Melee Weapon. The GM determines a type of enemy for the Blade. The closer the enemy comes, the brighter the Blade glows. At Far Range, the Blade glows dimly, but at Near Range the Blade glows brightly enough to provide enough light to see within Close range.

Curse: The designated enemy type of the Blade has an instinctual hatred of the Blade’s wielder, even if it cannot see the Blade. All characters and creatures of the enemy type are automatically hostile to the Blade and any character that has wielded it in the session.

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