“As Sleipnir is the king of steeds, and Yggdrasil the best of trees, so is Garm the king of hounds,” was famously said of the original Garm, the hellhound that even the gods feared. Since then, his descendants have become far more mortal, but not less impressive than their progenitor. The Garm breed is still the king of hounds, with the purebloods retaining a touch of their ancestor’s mystical might.

A Garm is first and foremost a hunting dog, able to track man or beast wherever they go. So grand is his nose, stong perfumes an awful odours can have him mewling like a pup. If this does not put him down, then very little else will. A Garm is trained from birth to fight alongside his master and allies to become a fearsome combat partner.

P. Wounds5M. Wounds3

Perk: Sonic Boom: Spend a Sigil to send out a supersonic shockwave in front of you. All characters in Near Range in front of you must pass a +0 Constitution/Combat Skill Check or take the difference as a Physical Wound to their Head Hit Location. Regardless of the roll result, all characters hit by the shockwave is moved one Range Band further from you.

Quirk: Sensory Overload: Whenever you roll doubles on a Perception/Investigation/Explore Skill Check, you are stunned and cannot take any actions for the next turn/narrative-action. If the doubles-roll was also higher than your Constitution/Combat Skill Level, then you are stunned for a number of turns/narrative-actions equal to the first digit of your Constitution/Combat Skill Level.

Mythic Actions: Counter Rockets: Grant all of the Garm’s allies an extra turn this round; Bite: Make a Combat Skill against one character in Close Range, dealing damage and Grappling them; Regroup: the Garm moves one range band further away from the attacking character.

Equipment: As a beast, the Garm bears no arms or armour; and while it has a strong bite and sharp teeth, it is no better than a regular hound’s.

Sanctuary: The Garm’s home is not in a place, but with a person. As the king of hounds, he is found near the feat of kings, warlords, dignitaries, men of great honour and greater valour. While in his sanctuary, he gains a +20 to all Combat Skill Checks against a character his master is currently engaged with; any Wound inflicted against his master can be redirected to him, and vice versa; increase the flanking bonus for the Garm and any allies in Close Range by +5.

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