The Spear of the Possessed fell from the heavens light a lightning bolt, lost in an apocalyptic clash amongst the gods. The Lord of the Possessed, the Ruler of the Frenzied, Oathbreaker, Hanged Man, One-Eyed, Father of Wisdom, the god with a multitude of names perished in that final battle, but his Spear remains to bless and curse those willing to bear it.

The Spear of the Possessed contains a shard of the Deceiver’s wisdom and sagacity, ensuring that it will always strike true, no matter the skill of the wielder. But the Raven God’s Spear is meant to draw blood and take life, and the same power that grants the Spear its accuracy also compels the wielder to use it. Those who delight in battle already are driven into a berserker-like rage, ensuring the legacy of the God of Runes continues on.

Name: Spear of the Possessed

Type: Weapon

Blessing: The Spear is a Heavy Melee Weapon. You always automatically succeed on Fight Skill Checks when using the Spear; you don’t need to roll, but for Opposed Skill Check purposes, you are presumed to have rolled a 1. Roll a d100 to determine Hit Location. You may Spend a Sigil to choose your Hit Location, to negate your opponent from rolling his Opposed Skill Check, or to roll a d100 for damage.

Curse: When holding the Spear, you are counted as having the Wrath Quirk: “When in combat, you must spend a Sigil each turn unless you are moving into Close Range with an opponent, or are attacking.”. If you already have the Wrath Quirk, then instead of spending a Sigil for the Quirk, you take a Significant Mental Wound.

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