Hags are misanthropic and spiteful crones that love nothing better than to be left alone to their devices, and to torture and curse those that refuse to do so. Children are taught from a young age not to intrude on a Hag’s domain and leave the deep dark forests well enough alone. Those that disobey rarely make it back, and the unlucky few that walk trembling out of the forest are never the same again.

They say a Hag can steal your luck, if she doesn’t simply eat you alive, leaving you a cursed life of misfortune and ruin. The only way to undo this, and to best a Hag in general, should you be unlucky enough to encounter one, is to offer her the one thing she cannot refuse. What this may be differs for each crone, but every one of them has a certain something that she will move heaven and earth (and often hell too) to obtain. Promise her what she wants and she will do anything you need.

P. Wounds5M. Wounds6

Perk: Curse: On a successful Special/Mental Skill Check, the target can’t gain or spend Sigils for the remainder of the session.

Quirk: Fatal Attraction: The GM picks a type of object or person that is irresistible to you. When seeing or hearing about it, you must succeed on a -30 Will/Mental Skill check to resist it, or you will need to do anything to obtain it.

Equipment: Hags are adorned in all manner of trinkets, leathers, hides and shawls, giving them an Armour Rating of 5. For weapons, they always carry a ritualistic dagger (Light Melee Weapon) as well as a wand or staff which counts as a Medium damage Near Ranged Weapon and acts as a focus for their magics.

Sanctuary: Hags make their homes in deep, dark forests. While within her sanctuary, other people gain a Significant Mental Wound each time they fall asleep; the Hag can move her hut to wherever she pleases in her sanctuary whenever no one is looking at it; and lastly, she has sculptures, carvings and totems throughout her sanctuary through which she may cast her magics.

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