No one knows who the Faceless One is; not even the Faceless One. What makes him who he is also unmakes him. The Faceless One is a doppelganger, transforming his shape and appearance to match others, but this transformation is so effective that he takes on the memories and personality of his target. Not even the target’s family would be able to tell the two apart; and soon enough not even the Faceless One would.

The longer he stays transformed, the more of his memories and personality prior to the transformation becomes lost to time. If he stays too long, he will truly become who he looks like. The only problem is that he cannot undo a transformation; he can only continue transforming into others to restart the cycle. On and on he goes, traveling throughout the realms, becoming one person after the next, always searching for what he cannot have and cannot remember.

P. Wounds10M. Wounds10

Perk: Skin Change: Spend a Sigil to transform your appearance, clothing, weapons and equipment into that of another character that you can see (physically, or as a picture). You may choose 2 of your Skill Levels to change to match the target’s. This transformation is permanent and cannot be undone, except through the use of this Perk again.

Quirk: Fade Away: Your Sigils do not refresh at the start of each session. You can continue to spend Sigils even after you have exhausted your supply, but each use will cost a Mental Wound at the lowest available threshold. These Mental Wounds are Permanent. Only when the Skin Change Perk is used do the Sigils refresh and the Mental Wounds heal.

Mythic Actions: Spell Steal: The Faceless One can use any single supernatural or magical ability of a character within Far Range; Shadow Clones: The Faceless one creates as many clones as he has opponents. Each clone looks and acts exactly like him and has all his abilities. They only have 1 Physical and 1 Mental Wound; Geist: Until the beginning of his next turn, the Faceless one is invisible, can pass through solid matter, and may fly.

Equipment: The Faceless One carries no equipment as he obtains that when the transforms himself into another.

Sanctuary: The Faceless One feels most at home in large cities where there are tens of thousands of people around him. While in his sanctuary, he may transform objects no larger than himself into other items and materials. On a successful Social Skill Check, he may also convince other NPCs to consider him a close ally regardless of their feelings or knowledge of him.

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