They say that there is an element of the Great Destroyer in all of us, and that we can feel his touch on our souls whenever we commit an act of destruction; whether it be a simple lie, a cutting remark, clearing of weeds, to the more heinous sins of assault and murder. Ahriman is always lurking in the shadows, pushing and pulling us towards his demesne of destruction and thus it is up to us to stay on the narrow path to walk in the light.

No one is quite sure where his Ring comes from, or even who first gave it his name. This thick bronze octagonal ring is ancient and weathered enough to be in a museum, yet simple and rustic enough to not draw attention. It could be any old ring, and that is what makes it so nefarious. Most who put it on never realise that their sudden destructive depraved urges are driven by it, and so never think to throw it away.

Name: Ring of Ahriman

Type: Jewellery

Blessing: You can eat the flesh of another sentient creature to heal a Wound of equal or lesser severity than the amount of flesh consumed.

Curse: Each time you consume another’s flesh, the GM will describe your appearance permanently changing to a degree equal in severity to the Wound you healed. Slowly, but surely, you will look more like a demon and a risen corpse; with sallow, sunken skin, black and red eyes, talons for nails, lengthened teeth, pointed ears, shortened horns and much more that your GM may imagine.

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