The ocean holds many dangers and terrors, but the greatest of these may be the Kraken. A gargantuan cephalopod, the Kraken has an insatiable hunger and will hunt any ship or boat that crosses its path. There is little intelligence behind the beast’s black glassy eyes. What little there is exists only to rip vessels apart, tear men from their ships, and devour whatever it comes across.

Conventional wisdom is to avoid Kraken infested waters whenever possible, and to turn tail and run when one is spotted on the horizon. However, should you be the daring kind, Krakens can be hunted as their meat, teeth and organs are valuable to the right traders. Draw the Krakens into shallow water where their mobility is limited, and bait them onto land where they will struggle to lift their own weight, and then you may harpoon them to your delight.

P. Wounds27M. Wounds5

Perk: Ink Jet: Spend a Sigil to cover all characters in front of you within Near Range in ink, blinding them for at least their next turn/narrative-action, and then until they remove the ink.

Quirk: Environmental Hazard: The GM selects an environment (e.g.: dry land) in which you cannot receive any positive modifier for any Physical Skill Check.

Mythic Actions: Tentacle cleave: On a successful Combat Skill Check, all opponents in front of the Kraken in Near Range suffer damage (reduced by Opposed Skill Checks and armour) and is knocked prone; Chomped: One character in front of the Kraken gets put into its mouth, suffers damage equal to a Combat Skill Check (reduced only by armour) and is removed from the battlefield until the Kraken’s next turn; Up High: one character within Near Range is grappled by one of the Kraken’s tentacles and lifted high into the air, removing him from the battlefield. He may attempt a Might/Combat Skill Check on each of his turns, and return to the battlefield if successful.

Equipment: The Kraken’s thick hide is enough to provide it with an Armour Rating of 15, and its ponderous tentacles count as Heavy Melee Weapons.

Sanctuary: The ocean is the Kraken’s sanctuary where it prefers to spend nearly all its time. In it, the Kraken can submerge and disappear from view, diving hundreds of metres below the surface; it’s tentacles reach out to Near Range to engage in melee combat; and the Kraken can make a Combat Skill Check to grapple enemies, pulling them underwater and releasing them, where they will have to try and swim up again before they drown.

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