The Morningstar is many things to many people; a star in the night sky, a planet in the cosmos, a light to guide us, a mythological figure, or the great enemy of man. Whatever it might be, a sliver of the Morningstar found its way into a carnival masque and has been causing mischief and mayhem ever since.

When someone puts on the Masque, it melds with the person’s face, becoming entirely unnoticeable. While wearing the Masque, the person becomes a charismatic virtuoso, able to sway anyone to his point of view, turning heads with his silver tongue. But none of this is the victim’s doing. It is the Masque itself doing the talking, and it doesn’t always work in its victim’s best interests. The victim is entirely mute while wearing the Masque, giving it free rein to do whatever it pleases, to hatch any plans and scheme any scheme to cause as much mayhem as it can before being removed. Yet even this won’t save the victim, as the Masque will simply continue speaking when removed, mimicking the victim’s voice so that all those around him thinks it is still him speaking.

Name: Masque of the Morningstar

Type: Clothing

Blessing: While wearing the Masque, you gain a Sigil whenever you succeed on a Social and Wealth Skill Check. In addition, there is no limit to the number of Sigils you may spend on Social and Wealth Skill Checks.

Curse: When wearing the Masque, you can’t speak. The Masque speaks for you and you can’t control what it says; you can only give it your intention of what you want to say. How it says this is entirely up to the Masque. Even when not wearing the Masque, it will continue speaking in your voice to anyone nearby.

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