Built as sentinels and watchers, Gargoyles are the immortal and immovable guardians of their sanctuaries. Built of solid stone and given life by a magus or holy man, the Gargoyle is a grotesque imitation of both man and beast. They have the spark of intelligence like a man, but the impulses and aggression of a beast. They are the thus the perfect guard dogs, ever patient, ever ready, ever watchful.

Some, however, are separated from the castle, church or temple that they were carved onto. Often by intention as they are carried off from a ruin, or by accident if they become lost chasing their quarry. These forsaken Gargoyles are never at peace as long as they remain away from their home, and can become as evil as the demons that they swore to destroy.

P. Wounds5M. Wounds7

Perk: Mighty Guard: Spend a Sigil to enter the Mighty Guard stance. While in the stance, reduce all damage (Physical and Mental) you take by 40, but reduce all damage you deal by 20. You may exit out of the Mighty Guard stance at any time.

Quirk: Rockjoints: You automatically fail any Athletics/Explore Skill Check to react quickly or move dextrously unless you spend a Sigil to attempt the Skill Check. This Sigil does not give you any bonus to the roll; it merely allows you to attempt it.

Mythic Actions: Rock-toss: Up to two characters in front of the Gargoyle is thrown to Near Range suffers damage equal to the Gargoyle’s Combat Skill (reduced by Opposed Skill Checks and armour) and becomes prone. Flying Strike: The Gargoyle takes flight and vanishes from the battlefield, returning on his turn to make a Combat Skill Check +30 against any character. Skin to Stone: The Gargoyle makes a Mental Skill Check against an opponent, and if successful, that character takes the result as Physical Damage (reduced by Opposed Skill Checks). Wounds from this damage do not heal except through magic or supernatural means.

Equipment: Gargoyles are made of solid rock, giving them an Armour Rating of 20. Their jagged claws and stony teeth count as Light Melee Weapons. Beyond these, they have little use of weapons, armour, or equipment.

Sanctuary: Churches, temples, and castles are a Gargoyle’s home. Wherever there are high walls, tall crenelations, and grotesque sculptures upon these, you will find a Gargoyle. While in his sanctuary and motionless, he is indistinguishable from an ordinary statue, even at close inspection. The mystic connection his stony soul shares with his sanctuary allows his stone wings to function like a bird, giving him flight.

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