Some men obtain power, some take it, others are granted it, and a few are born with it. The original owner of this Grimoire certainly fell into the last category. Born with an innate arcane talent that dwarfed any who came before or after him, the young mage was meant for great things. He certainly rose to his potential and became a Guardian of the whole mortal realm, protecting it from those across the aether who wished to do it harm, and steering the course of history simply by being the most powerful mortal in existence.

However, power not only corrupts, it attracts corruption like a light does moths. The toxin of hellish corruption seeped into the Guardian’s mind without his notice, and poisoned every good deed he did. No matter how hard he fought, the world kept getting worse and worse. Too late he realised it was him who causing the world to turn into a living hell, and as a last resort he locked away all his magical talent into a grimoire, becoming powerless as a result.

The Grimoire was stored in the strongest vault, protected by the fiercest army, and yet it was missing within a year. Such power simply cannot be hidden away.

Name: Last Guardian’s Grimoire

Type: Book

Blessing: You may spend a Sigil to consult the Grimoire for a spell to use. These spells allow you to change 1 facet of the environment or characters in the current scene/encounter. This may be anything such as changing the target of an attack; reversing a Wound; changing a character’s weapons/armour; adding or removing an object from the environment; changing the texture, composition, texture, colour, etc of an object; any many more. You may alter reality in any 1 specific way, but your GM has the final say on whether your intended reality-altering spell is too grand.

Curse: Whenever you use the Grimoire’s powers, a hellish portal opens somewhere in the realm, out of sight of men, spewing forth 1d10 demons. What type of demons these are and what ruin they cause is up to your GM.

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