Death Knights are evil incarnate. Born of dark magic, a Death Knight is the most recent in a long line of evil warriors that stalk the world, each one raising the next Death Knight in line. These twisted warriors wish only to bring wrath and ruin to mankind, compelled as they are by the necromantic magics coursing through their undead veins.

A Death Knight caught by himself is a force to be reckoned with, but like a snowball, the longer he is left to gather momentum, the more dangerous he becomes. As he himself was raised to unlife, so can the Death Knight create more undead to serve him as his minions. It does not take long for a Death Knight to gather an army around him, and the larger it grows, the easier it becomes to gather fresh recruits. To save the countryside from ravaging, you had best vanquish the Knight while his retinue is still small.

P. Wounds11M. Wounds6

Perk: Undeath Strike: When you deliver a killing stroke against another character, you may spend a Sigil to raise that character as an undead minion. All of his Wound Slots refresh, but as a minion, he is limited to a single Hit Location and a maximum of 3 Physical and 3 Mental Wounds. At the end of each encounter, he will perish unless you spend another Sigil.

Quirk: Toxic Health: Your Wounds do not heal, and your Wound Slots do not refresh through any means other than through killing other characters. When you kill another character, you can choose any of your Wounds to heal and Slots to refresh. You cannot raise a character as a minion and heal a Wound at the same time, although you may kill a minion to heal yourself.

Equipment: True to their name, Death Knights are armed and armoured as true knights are to deliver death in the most effective means necessary. They bear full-plate armour with an Armour Rating of 25, and either bear a greatsword (Heavy Melee Weapon) or an arming sword (Medium Melee Weapon) and a shield (+10 to Armour Rating).

Sanctuary: Battlefields are a Death Knight’s unnatural sanctuary and birthplace. When encountered on a battlefield, a Death Knight may spend a Sigil to make dark magic course through the ground, reanimating the body parts and long-dead corpses underneath. These dead warriors then reach through the surface and grab hold of anything and anyone on the battlefield. On a successful Mental Skill Check, the Death Knight may cause a bloodmist to descend on the battlefield, causing a Minor Wound on all characters (including himself) each turn/narrative/action. Lastly, if a Death Knight is killed in his sanctuary, if the GM rolls under 25 then his evil spirit possesses one of the many ancient corpses under the battlefield.

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