The divine beings rarely speak to the mortal realm, preferring to remain in their heavens for a variety of reasons. Often it is pride and arrogance, not wishing to debase themselves to speak to mortals; and other times it is to protect the mortals from being exposed to their awesome divine might and being driven mad at the very sight of a god. Whatever the reason, it often falls to angels to deliver news to the mortal realms, whether it be good or bad news.

Messenger Angels are an extension of their divine creator. Partly sentient, partly independent, partly divine. Like a shard chipped off from a greater crystal, they bear the image of divine power, yet are not all-powerful themselves. As such, they are vulnerable to the ravages of the mortal realm, but that does not mean they are unprotected.

P. Wounds8M. Wounds8

Perk: Avail: Whenever a character within Near Range suffers a Physical Wound, you may choose to suffer that Wound instead. If you do, you will gain a Sigil for a Significant Wound, 3 Sigils for a Grievous Wound, and 6 Sigils for a Limb Destroyed Wound.

Quirk: Singular Duty: Once per session, the GM will give you a duty to complete. You may not leave the area of the scene/encounter until that duty is completed, unless you spend all of your remaining Sigils (at least 3 Sigils are required).

Equipment: To fulfil his duty from above, the Messenger is clad in shining armour that provides an Armour Rating of 10, and holds forth a glimmering spear to ward off the evils in his path, which counts as a Heavy Melee Weapon.

Sanctuary: A Messenger Angel’s natural habitat isn’t a “where”, but rather a “when”. Messengers appear when they need to deliver dark tidings or proclaim the good news. Whenever the GM declares that a portentous event is occurring, Messengers gain the ability to fly to spread their news quicker. Additionally, they may spend a Sigil to issue their proclamations, forcing all characters within Near Range to stand still and listen unless they succeed on a +0 Will/Mental Skill Check, missing their next turn.

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