It is a rather innocuous looking thing, seeming nothing more than a trinket carved out of black onyx chalcedony to resemble a lotus flower. However, it is one of the most sought after and hunted artefacts, especially by magic users and treasure hunters. For all its deceptive beauty, the Onyx Lotus is immensely powerful, granting its owner a significant (if temporary) boost in magical power. This can be used in emergency situations to save a warlock from certain death; or it can be used to magnify a mage’s power to near godhood for a short period of time; or even used to protect a wizard in his magical experiments.

In whatever way you want to use it, it will be there to help you, boost your power, and save you. No wonder that everyone who has heard of it comes hunting for it.

Name: Onyx Lotus

Type: Ornament

Blessing: At the start of each session, the Onyx Lotus has 3 Mana Points. These Mana Points can be spent by whoever holds the Lotus in the same way that Sigils can be spent, but with one restriction: they can only be spent on magical/arcane/supernatural abilities and Skills.

Curse: At the start of each session roll a d100. On a 5 or lower, someone will come to find and steal the lotus that session. Each time you roll higher than the target number, add one to it for the next session’s roll.

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