We often say that plants are unfeeling and unthinking, and for the most part, this is true. Treants are the exception to the rule. Having gained sentience through some miracle that not even they are aware of, Treants are trees that can think, speak, and move as humans do. All of this is on a much slower scale, however. Trees, and thus Treants, can live for centuries, growing ever so slowly to reach their mature ages. A Treant’s thoughts and movements are as glacial as its growth, and they prefer the slow quietness of the wilderness to the quick chaotic mess that is civilised life.

P. Wounds6M. Wounds7

Perk: Acorn Bomb: Spend a Sigil to throw a pollen-filled orb at a target location within Near Range. All characters within Close Range of the target location must succeed on a Constitution Skill Check or fall into a deep slumber. Slumbering enemies wake up if forcefully disturbed, attacked, or at the next sunrise.

Quirk: Rooted: For every turn or narrative action which you are not moving, you gain a Root point, up to a maximum of 10. You lose a Root point each turn or narrative action in which you are moving, down to a minimum of 0. Each Root point gives a -10 penalty to Skill Checks where movement is involved.

Equipment: The thick bark of a Treant is not impenetrable, but does provide it with an Armour Rating of 5. Its ponderous branches also make for good clubs, counting as Medium Melee Weapons.

Sanctuary: As sapient trees, Treants’ natural homes are in woods, forests and jungles. When slumbering, as they often do, Treants are indistinguishable from natural trees. As such, Treants are always assumed to succeed on any Opposed Skill Checks to hide or remain unseen, unless the characters looking for them spend a Sigil to force the Treant to roll to remain unfound.

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