The right to rule can only ever be legitimised by divine ordination. Power ultimately comes from the divine, and those who wield this divine right has absolute power within their realm. In many cases, this divine right is shown through an icon of power and the symbol of authority. In some cases, it is an orb to symbolise rule over the world, in other cases a sceptre to show magisterial power, but in most cases, it is a sword to show that the divine right to rule is carried out by strength of arm.

Those who wield these icons of powers, the Kingsblades, have absolute power within their realm to direct its fate and command its people. However, with absolute power comes absolute responsibility. Those who bear the Kingsblade swear an oath to care for their realm and thus cannot leave it while they stay in power.

Name: Kingsblade

Type: Weapon

Blessing: As a sword, the Kingsblade is a one-handed Medium Melee Weapon. As an instrument of the divine, the Kingsblade allows you to plant a command in the minds of those within your realm. The GM decides the boundary of the Blade’s realm (which can never be changed) when it is first encountered. While bearing the Kingsblade within its realm, whenever you instruct a character to perform a task, quest, or mission, you may spend a Sigil to force them to do it. If they choose to resist, they must succeed on an Opposed Skill Check of their Will Skill vs your Intimidate Skill for them to resist your command.

Curse: The Kingsblade is tied to its realm and may never leave it. In any session in which you bore the Kingsblade, and the session thereafter, you cannot leave the Blade’s realm. In addition, the Galisant beast hunts all blade-bearers beyond their Blades’ realms. At the start of each session when you are beyond the Blade’s realm, roll a d100. On a 1, the Galisant beast finds you and attempts to eat you. It has the following stat block:

P. Wounds20M. Wounds10

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